Cloudburst / WNDFRM


Tim Westcott often finds himself drifting away into a heavily abstracted construct of tonal colour, texture, momentum, and very minimalistic structure. Most of his tools these days are in-box and a combination of found sounds, simple tones, field recordings, and liberal amounts of FPU or granular DSP.

Tim has released ambient material under the “cloudburst” alias on Resting Bell, Nueva Forma, as well as Slow Flow.  His techno releases under “wndfrm” can be found on Prologue, Home Normal, Dragon’s Eye Recordings, and more.

He’s currently based in Portland, OR with his family and looks forward to the coming years of composition, recording, collaboration, and supporting this release with more music and curated experimental music events.

                                               Tabor / NW Passage EP (oe009)