Mike Jedlicka


Mike grew up in a NW suburb of Chicago and left for college at the University of Iowa in 1999. He experimented in DJing & throwing parties with a local group called Rotation (Michelle Higley and Kent Williams among others), with a weekly gig at a local bar on the side. Mike jumped on board Geoff Richards record label Dick and Jane Records in 2001 with his musically talented friend Nik Francis.

Three semesters of electronic music production were taken under Professor Lawrence Fritts in the University of Iowa's Electronic Music Studios.  In 2003, Mike moved to Tallahassee, FL for graduate school in speech-language pathology where he was introduced to a wealth of instruments including the didgeridoo, shakuhachi, tabla drums & sitar. He joined an improvisational band and finished his first solo EP, A Movie Without Pictures. The first track from this album, Hipity Hop, was used in an episode of MTV's Made.

This was about the time Dick and Jane Records was sent a cease and desist letter from a certain group of lawyers, stopping the label in its tracks.  But Optic Echo was soon spawned, and Mike took the head role.

After graduating in 2005 Mike moved to Portland, OR where he began a weekly radio show on the Portland Radio Authority (see the podcast page for Optic Echo Presents episodes) and took over as Programming Director/Operations Manager in 2009.  PRA merged into XRAY.FM in 2013, where Mike continues his 2-hour radio show on Tuesday evenings, 6-8pm PST)

Mike’s discography includes: Leaving Baja in 2007, Invisible Friend w/ label mate Electric Blanket in 2008, Wilkins Mop w/ Nathan Smith in 2009, the tabor / nw passage split 12" w/ cloudburst in 2010, and the concept album Seed with wndfrm in 2018.

             Tabor / NW Passage (oe009)                              Leaving Baja (oe004)

Previous Albums:

                                               A Movie Without Pictures EP (djr503)

Mike’s 1st album from 2004 on Dick and Jane Records. Composed in and around Iowa City in 2003 and Tallahassee Florida in 2004. Nik Francis (NFU) provided live instrumental recordings on tracks 1, 2, & 3. Track 5 is a remix of Electric Blanket's Windup Toy.