We are planning a 2016 mini tour of the Pacific NW Nov 11th-13th, starting in Vancouver BC on Friday the 11th, Seattle the 12th, and Portland on Sunday the 13th.  More info soon...

Check our soundcloud site for new recordings or explore our Extras section for some sounds from recent events our artists have participated in!

Marcus Fischer + The OO-Ray released the collaborative 12” Tessellations in the summer of 2012.  It was mastered by Taylor Deupree at 12k and cut by Rashad at Dubplates & Mastering.  Order your vinyl copy at our store and digital copies are available at our bandcamp page.

Sakurabana: Japan Relief Compilation is 11 tracks. 100% of funds go to the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund.  More info here.

Our split 12” between Mike Jedlicka and Cloudburst entitled tabor / nw passage can purchased at our Store!!

Check out our Optic Echo Presents podcasts or listen live on XRAY.FM on Tuesday nights 8-10 pm PST :: 91.1 / 107.1FM KXRY Portland.

Electric Blanket’s ep entitled Simple Sugars is available for your listening pleasure.  His previous project,  Bye-Gones, can be found here.

Wilkins Mop (Mike Jedlicka & Nathan Carver Smith), have completed their preliminary ep, which by all accounts is an excellent fusion of organic and electronic soundscapes.

We’re very happy to present the debut album of Optic Echo co-founders Geoff Richards and Mike Jedlicka, Invisible Friend.  It had spanned nearly 7 years and carries many stories!

Label News:

We have dedicated much time and effort to bring you a hybrid of sound between electronic music and live instrumentation.

It is our intention to be an evolving amalgamation of new music, artists and design with an emphasis on quality. We strive to put out one limited run vinyl release a year. 

Support independent record labels like ours by visiting our store to purchase copies of our vinyl releases. Feel free to download a number of albums free as our gift to you, or listen to our OEP podcasts!